In speaking to those who have experienced the dreadful illness that Covid19 brought to us, some really interesting things come to light from a clinicians view point. Even though “brain-fog” is not a medical diagnosis, the experience they describe is similar to having a cloud covering in their brain throughout the day. 25% of Covid19 sufferers describe a daily battle of trying to operate under this cloud and still experiencing the fatigue even long after the actual illness have left them. Some describe memory lapses and feeling confused in what should have been normal circumstances. Focusing on tasks takes more effort than before, leaving them not being able to function as optimally as they used to do. There are also reports of experiencing continued headaches.

According to a study in January 2021 found increased levels of cytokines in the brains weeks after the infection had occurred. Cytokines are produced by your immune system and encourages inflammation. This may hinder theintegration of the nervous system, which certainly does sound alarming, especially in children already pre-disposed with integration difficulties before being affected by Covid19. There may be cognitive structural difficulties occurring as well. However, please note that the studies have been small and there has not been sufficient time yet to bring about a larger scale study. There is no data with regards to how temporary or not, this may be. Factors that may influence being susceptible to this impact may be the severity in which the virus impacted the person, in other words, how ill the person became. Early studies reveal symptoms lasting as long as 100 days post the viral attack. There is some indication of mood changes as well to consider.

From what can be gathered on the internet, the general guidelines to gain relief of this condition would be to make sure one gets enough sleep, exercise regularly, eat well and avoid tobacco or alcohol.

Apparently, researchers are still looking at who might be more susceptible to these lingering symptoms, and it will be an ongoing question to investigate. As we work with concussions at our center, the symptoms described sound very similar to those clients who came to us for concussion relief before Covid19 was on everyone’s lips. With each client we initially do a thorough investigation of their background. In their histories we detect an earlier history, prior to the first concussion, of possible neurological developmental delay. We do not have a research study and cannot provide statistical data, but it is a common factor we have observed and gleaned from our client profiles. We will not be surprised if researchers find commonalities between concussion and post Covid19 clients. Similarly, we will not be surprised if they find a pre-existing neurological developmental delay in the histories of those who experience this type of brain fog post Covid19. Please take note there are no  espousing  of facts here. At this stage there can only be speculation, even as our speculation is based on clinical understanding.

For those who do not find relief from their symptoms over time, we would suggest a clinical interview and / or clinical testing to gain access to what can be done about it. Our brain is neuroplastic and malleable and shown by research to have the capability to change. If we could change concussion symptoms, chances may very well be, that these residual symptoms of Covid19 can be helped as well. As I mentor globally, I have already heard that some clients have found relief through the Tomatis Sound Therapy that we do, but we have not had our own experience at this time. We will keep you posted if we do.