Out of state /
Out of Country Programs

Over the past decade our clientele has increased to include intensive programming for clients travelling to us from across the world. Our reach has expanded to include multiple states in the US as well as countries such as UK, Bulgaria, Canada, Israel, Dominican Republic, and South Africa. In response to this growth, we have developed an extensive process to accommodate these increasing needs. Clients and families may come for multiple different reasons and diagnosis, and we are dedicated to providing the highest level of care for all our clients both near and far.

Initial Process:

  • Complete the intake form provided on this website or contact anne@atotalapproach.com.
  • An internet call will be scheduled to discuss the fit of client and our facility.
  • If the client / family decides to move forward , a packet of information will be sent for completion.
  • Our scheduling manager will work with the family to find a time that best suits both parties.
  • An agreement is signed to confirm the commitment.
  • ATA will provide several accommodation options, and any available discounted hotel rates for your consideration.

Intensive Program

  • Based on the individual profile.
  • May include evaluation on the first day, then proceed directly into intensive programming.
  • Intensive programming may range between 2 to 3 weeks.
  • The program will vary from client to client, but may include Occupational Therapy, Speech Language Therapy, Tomatis Sound Training, Interactive Metronome, DIR/Floortime, Sandplay, the Learning Breakthrough Program, ReadLS, Reflex Integration and others.
  • Option of only coming for the evaluation and returning later for the intensive program.
  • Program may range between 3 to 5 hours per day with scheduled breaks.
  • If the client is a child, parents are urged to join sessions to be a part of the process, gain further understanding of their child, as well as view the techniques used to increase carry over possibilities at home.
  • During the weeks of being here, weekly consultations are scheduled to discuss updates and goals.
  • Some of the sessions are recorded, edited, and reviewed by Maude Le Roux, OTR/L, International Trainer. The family receives the recordings approximately 30 days after completing the intensive to serve as review of their time here.

After the intensive program:

    • During the intensive weeks, techniques and home program ideas are shared and trained to ensure continuation of gains made during the program as well continued increase of gains
    • If evaluation was completed on the first day, consultation on this evaluation will occur within 2 weeks after returning home.
    • Consultation is scheduled 4 to 6 weeks after receiving the recorded material for review to discuss the transition to life at home
    • If a client resides in the US, consultations are scheduled with professionals doing the follow up care licensed within that particular state.
    • The professional and family team will decide the need of ongoing mentoring and planning a possible return visit to A Total Approach if and when needed.
    • If clients reside outside of the US, it is preferred that home professionals are included in the consultation internet calls, though in some countries this may not be an available option.
    • Consultations are scheduled once monthly for a period of 6 months, after which the frequency may be less intensive
    • Return visits for more intensive programming is scheduled within 3 to 6 months. Some families decide on coming back for “booster” sessions annually.

Client / Family Concerns:

Will it be too intense for me or my child?

Though the program is intense, it is also playful, warm and embracing of the client’s profile and preferences. The program design takes into consideration the client’s age and profile and breaks are provided between different programs

What if my child is prone to meltdown and strong behaviors?

Though it is impossible to plan for every even , we are an experienced group of therapists that are quite used to dealing with strong behaviors and have found ways to support most clients into a state of calmness. We follow the principles of Trauma Informed Care and work with respect to each client’s individual profile.

What if I or my child fatigues and cannot complete the program?

Even though 3 to 5 hours may seem long, most of the programs are geared to energize and stimulate the brain into action. The fatigue is not felt so much during the program, though may be evident in the evening before bedtime and / or on the last day of the program. We have not had an occasion where the client did not complete the program (unless illness or family situation) as it is quite carefully planned.

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Bringing our son to ATA has been hands down one of the absolute best decisions we’ve made for our son. To think of where he is now compared to where he was before we came is honestly unbelievable.

The aggression, the anxiety, the sensory meltdowns, running to the car to escape noisy places, the lack of sleep, the list goes on and on and on. My husband and I were absolutely exhausted. After trying to get him the help that he needed in NC, we decided to take him up to ATA in PA.

 By Day 4 of his first intensive, we started seeing dramatic changes, and ever since, it’s been a game changer for not only him, but for our whole family. A few weeks after we got back from our first intensive, he told us, “You know those headphones I wear in Pennsylvania? They make me stronger.” He said that as a 3.5 year old because he intuitively knew that Tomatis was helping him.

One of the greatest gifts I feel like we’ve given our son by coming to ATA is feeling comfortable in his own skin. He is now a very self-confident, and even at times, empathetic little boy. Furthermore, for my husband and I, it has been a tremendous relief, as parents, to come to people who not only really understand our son, but also have taken us by the hands and given us a roadmap on how to help him thrive.

We cannot thank Maude, Angela, and everyone else at ATA enough!

Hope you all are well!

Brittany (May 8, 2020)