Adult Sensory
Processing Disorder

Adults can struggle with the same sensory difficulties as our pediatric population. As this part of
our work has grown over the past decade, we have learnt much from the feedback of adults in
our program. This feedback includes:
  • Sensory difficulties that were unidentified when they were in their younger years, continue to persist in their adult years. Even though they learnt to cope with it to some degree, they never “grew out of it”.
  • They chose their vocation based on their profile and not on their abilities, causing them to feel like they “under-perform” consistently in their lives.
  • Some may have tried to go to college, but their executive functioning difficulties caused them to have to leave and not finish school
  • Feelings of intimacy in relationships may also have caused them to have difficulty maintaining it.
  • Some adults also “over-achieve” and drive themselves into a strong work ethic, but it costs them dearly in creating balance in their lives.
  • Some adults become increasingly more socially reclusive, decreasing their social exposure as they over-cope with work pressure, and may remain married or not.
If you as an adult are reading this, not any of the above may apply, as we continue to learn more, but the true fact is that sensory processing difficulties continue to persist even as coping strategies can keep it at bay for long periods of time. Many adults struggle with needing to take several different medications from stimulants to sleep support in order to cope with the imbalance in their nervous system.

Adults in Our Program May Struggle With Different Diagnosis, Including:

  • ADHD / ADD / Sluggish Cognitive Tempo
  • Dyslexia or Reading delays
  • Different ranges on Autism Spectrum
  • Sensory Processing Disorder impacting on different areas of their lives
  • Executives that are stressed out due to work pressure
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Brain Injury – recent or many years ago
  • Adult Attachment Disorder / Difficulties

Our Unique Evaluation

    • Adult Sensory Processing Questionnaire
    • Auditory, Visual and Vestibular Testing
    • Timing testing for Executive Functioning
    • Praxis testing as building block to executive functioning skills
    • Attention testing
    • Reading Testing
    • Social-Emotional questionnaires
    • Long Distance assessment can be available in some cases

Our Unique Program:

  • Includes the Developmental Pathways Model, as we “chase the why” in the nervous system
  • In some instances, the program would have to be followed under supervision at our center
  • Most adults complete the bulk of their program in the comfort of their own home.
  • In some cases, we would need to work in tandem with their counselor / psychiatrist / psychologist to ensure team approach to intervention
  • The program, including frequency and duration, would depend on the findings of the evaluation

It simply is never too late. Life is precious, make the moments count!

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Testimonial of a 50-year old female

Thank you very much for helping to turn my life around. As you know, I was diagnosed with a non-verbal learning disorder. Unfortunately, I received no referral for follow on care and I was left hanging until I found your center. Thank you for addressing my physical and cognitive problems and forming a treatment plan.