Capitalizing on bone conduction, Forbrain® headphones employ a cutting edge, proprietary technology.

Unlike other headphones, Forbrain® uses a patented electronic device that amplifies and patterns the user’s voice.

By improving the perception of the voice, Forbrain® works simultaneously on all aspects of the audio-vocal loop. Forbrain® improves speech, fluency, attention, memory, focus, coordination, and many other sensory functions.

A tool that could be used daily from 5 to 20 minutes depending on your age and stage of development. Forbrain® will progressively and continuously retrain and stimulate your brain. Forbrain® carries multiple research studies proving it’s efficacy and has been the recipient of 3 different awards over the past years.

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  1. You will receive a 10% discount on the device
  2. We also receive a percentage due to you purchasing through our office.

ATA utilizes these funds to support those who cannot afford our services or our training from time to time. Amounts are small, but every little bit helps towards our goal to serve others.

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