Equipping The Child
The Parent

Equipping The Child
The Parent

Equipping The Child
The Parent

A Total Approach is a center dedicated to creating impactful change in our clients’ & their families’ lives.

We help individuals with a wide range of learning differences across diverse populations. Our approach is family centered, while also considering the individual differences of each person.
Over the years we have developed several unique, specific assessment and intervention protocols that are not found elsewhere outside of our center. Besides our wonderfully loyal local clients, we regularly receive clients and families from different parts of the world as they cannot find similar services at their home location.

Specific assessments and Intervention programs include:

Speech Language Pathology

The speech-language therapy program at A Total Approach follows a Developmental, Individual Difference, Relationship-based methodology (DIR/Floortime)

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Dyspraxia Disorders

Dr. Jean Ayers, founder and researcher of Sensory Integration theory, described praxis as follows: The ability of the brain to conceive of, organize, and carry out a sequence of unfamiliar actions.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Literature is now suggesting that 1 in every 59 children born will receive a diagnosis of somewhere on the ASD spectrum and this is an alarming statistic.

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Reading and Writing Disorders

Reading is an acquired skill in the brain. We are not hard-wired to read, it is a result of developmental integration, completely dependent on the way our central nervous system is wired together.

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Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)

Our nervous system starts to develop in utero and matures over the first 5 to 7 years of our lives. There are specific stages of development that each one of us has to go through in order to be full functioning adults that can live the life we want for ourselves.

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Out of State / Out of Country Clients

Over the past decade our clientele has increased to include intensive programming for clients travelling to us from across the world.

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Attention Deficit and Executive Functioning Disorder (ADHD/EF)

So many clients come to our center diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and most of them have a corresponding developmental delay with regards to registering sensory information.

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Attachment Disorders

From the beginning of our lives we all seek interpersonal sustenance starting with our first relationship with our mother, followed closely by our relationship with our father.

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Brain Injury and Concussions

Brain Injury is a devastating diagnosis and the range of difficulties incurred can range from mild to severe.

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Adult Sensory Processing Disorder

Adults can struggle with the same sensory difficulties as our pediatric population.

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A Total Approach has been part of our family’s journey to help Max for over four years. Max, now six years old, has autism, apraxia, hypotonia, nocturnal epilepsy, and severe motor planning deficits. The therapists at A Total Approach are the best we have seen, and they have dedicated themselves to constantly updating Max’s program to meet his changing needs.

Thank you

“He has a terrifically-bright future”

Ken, Corinda, Drew, Max and Emily Crowther
(July 2006)

My name is N.S., and my son H.S. received Tomatis therapy with your team back in 2004. We think of you frequently. Today, he is in gifted programs at school, he is one of the best ballplayers on his baseball team, he plays piano, has lots of friends, and has a terrifically-bright future.

Thank you.

N.S. - May, 2010. Mason, Ohio

I was on the A Total Approach website the other day, looking up some things about Tomatis to tell another Mom. I came across my testimonial after our first 3 intensives together, and I cried. It brought me right back to how I had felt first walking through your doors. You saved us. I was told by the developmental pediatrician right after his 3rd birthday that he would probably never be in a typical classroom, doing typical things, with the other typical children.

All my best, Grateful Mom
(September 2017)

Hi Maude, 

I hope this finds you well. It would take a book to share even the 3 days we've spent in the world you've built here in PA, and while I may someday want to do just that :), I did want to share a poem I wrote tonight, after being inspired by the beautiful common thread of PLAY that has created such a treasure trove of learning and experiences for us all even in these first few days at A Total Approach, and by the recent NYTimes story you've probably heard about that went viral in parent groups called, "Don't Play with Your Kids. Seriously.

The Presence of Play

When Play is here, you will feel peace
When Play is here, you will feel seen
When Play is here, you will be heard and understood far beyond the meaning of your words

Play sets up shop with bridge builders who invite connection with no demands
Play dances at the feet of those who subdue the mandates from on high in order to wander in the messy fields of joy

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Play follows you around, a steadfast doula of ideas, a maker of worlds
She is a creatrix who flows in the mystery of possibilities and in the realities of muddy raw earth

Play knows there is no more important place to be than with you right now doing this very thing
Play knows that creating is your birthright and she is the gateway that will lead you there again and again
Play knows that when you get to know her well, you will accept nothing less for yourself than the gifts of her freedom and her challenge for they will live within you shaping your life

Play is an original vibration humans feel in our bones
Play is our most universal language now exiled by the vast temples of knowledge we built on top of her when we deemed her too simple to remain enthroned in the hearts of children and the adults they grow into…

Banished from schools, disallowed from insurance coverage for therapy, and now derided in the popular culture’s view of the home, we face a grim reality alongside her…
Our world is on fire, threatening all we hold near and dear in this life, and she holds one of the most powerful keys to unlock our souls from their prisons of ego and societal expectations—what will it take for us to seek her?
Play is Power
Play is Presence
and the Presence of Play is Life

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