DIR203 DIR/Floortime online course

Level of course: Advanced
Have to show completion of levels 201 and levels 203 courses

Target Audience: Occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, play therapists, parents, psychologists, medical practitioners, mental health clinicians, social workers, residential treatment staff, registered nurses, child welfare professionals, adoption and foster care agency staff and administrators, educators, and researchers.

Learning Objectives (in brief, more fully explained at www.icdl.com)

  • Demonstrate self-awareness of own functional emotional developmental capacities, interactive styles and coping tendencies under stress
  • Identify own strengths and areas that require further development in their understanding and application of the DIR Model® and Floortime™ Intervention
  • Apply in-depth, discipline specific concepts learned in DIR 201 and DIR 202, analyzing how individual differences of children or adults can interfere or help promote the mastering of the 9 functional emotional developmental capacities
  • Summarize the child and adult’s unique profile based on all his or her 9 functional emotional developmental capacities and individual differences
  • Revise application of DIR® concepts and Floortime™ principles based on personal reflection triggered by observation, group discussions, personal evaluation, readings and lectures, embracing the power of self-examination and self-observation in expanding capacity to stay regulated and “in the moment”

Assessed: Presentation of 2 case studies on PowerPoint including video.