From Sensory Processing to Executive Functioning

Target Audience: Occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, educators, researchers, neuropsychologists, medical practitioners, social workers.

Learning Objectives:

  • To provide an overview of the 12 different components of executive functioning
  • To review neuro-anatomy related to executive functioning
  • To present a developmental hierarchy of sensori-motor skills that lead to executive functioning
  • To identify different assessments that may be helpful to assess more fully.
  • To present and discuss bottom up and top down interventions with regards to sensory processing and intervention
  • To present case studies for demonstration of techniques and outcomes.

Assessed: Questionnaire


Dear Maude

They say a true teacher is someone that can touch both the heart and the mind of their student - at the same time! In my experience, this makes you a true teacher.

So, my appreciation to you as being a great teacher. I walked into the room on Friday, feeling such heaviness at the task we face each day and left with a sense of purpose and renewed enthusiasm for continuing that work. I am under no illusion that it is suddenly all “light” work but I feel empowered by the addition of depth to my knowledge, and confirmation that my instincts were right, I just needed to have the science behind them!

Thank you for teaching so well, for sharing so willingly and for doing it in such a gracious and professional way. You have the absolute balance between head and heart!

With gratitude and admiration

Sam (School principle of Montessori School) March 29, 2015

Very thorough, organized – Maude is very, very, knowledgeable.

I appreciated that the workshop was geared toward advanced level therapists. We had great questions and discussions throughout the two days.

Lisa George

Maude has dedicated herself to creating “a total approach”. I’m grateful for providers like her.

Danielle Hutchinson

Being a seasoned therapist, this course was a breath of fresh air. Opened up my mind to new ways of thinking; the importance of the hierarchy of skill development.

Mary Lashno

Really useful course. Lots of examples and fantastic tips!!! Very useful course.

As a clinician, I am always looking for new means, new research to support my work and enhance it. I feel that this course has done that and makes me eager to learn even more! Such a wonderful, well planned and concise course. At the end I felt fully satisfied with the course, but want to know even more! Amazing!

April Nice

Extremely informative and thorough. Really made me think about how to approach certain aspects of my tx programs.

Maude is an excellent instructor. Her style of teaching of this topic of executive skills was worth for me to travel all the way from India for her course. I will definitely look out for other courses that she teaches.

Ushma Goradia

Fabulous course! Puts everything together in an easy to follow form. Maude has so much experience and knowledge, she is able to give many ideas to approach any patient cases.

As an educator and an OT technician, I found this course very useful for me in the classroom and clinic. I now have a better understanding of the children I work with.

Nora Fitzgerald

Excellent conference with advanced level info that integrate foundational skills of sensory processing with EF. Clearly explains EF and strategies OT can use to assess it and intervene with it. Good info for school OTs. (Case studies are more focused on private settings, but this is true to her program so makes sense to use those.

Evelyn Zirkle

The course provided a good overview of all the components and complexities of executive skills. Maude is a very knowledgeable therapist. Course renewed my interest in reflex contributions to movement.

Faye Klupt