Our Greatest Allies

Maude Le Roux and Lauren O'Malley

Learn about developmental theory and practice as it applies to children of all ages and diagnoses.

Matty O'Malley's story began like so many children whose lives are defined by a spectrum of developmental and sensory processing challenges. Travel the journey of Lauren, Matty, and his occupational therapist Maude Le Roux as they find a breadcrumb trail of "allies" that ultimately empower him to soar!

Find informative and comprehensive chapters on Sensory Processing, DIR/Floortime, and the Tomatis Method!

Read Foreword by Dr Rick Solomon

Letter from a colleague to Ingrid Poupart in Canada

Sorry to have taken so long to email and thank you for Maude's book. You left the book for me and I left for Toronto the next day for a funeral. I wasn't sure what the book was all about but I read the book on the train going and coming from Toronto. Ingrid, the book spoke to me. You have so often talked to me about Maude and the kind of work that she is doing. What a knowledgeable and acomplished practitioner. The whole approach just made perfect sense to me. The idea that DIR/Floortime is process orientated. And that's what our Centre is all about: not the product so much but the process of learning which leads to a better product.

My niece has an autistic son who recently I saw at a Xmas party and after reading this book, I feel certain that this type of approach would help him. But like always, it needs to be someone who is very skilled and knows what they are doing. What was also key is that Maude integrated the approach into her work at the Centre, the school and home. My brother (the grandfather) told me that his daugther had been talking about a programme in Pennsylvania. I'm dying to know if it is Maude's centre that she had learned about. Certainly if I had an autistic child, I would want Maude's expertise.

Thank you for thinking of me and giving me the book. It was eye opening and enlightening. I feel more knowledgeable and that is empowering

Best, Emily


Matt O’Malley, the subject of Maude Le Roux and Lauren O’Malley’s book “Our Greatest Allies,” is now a 14-year-old young man headed for high school. As he prepares for middle school graduation, 8th grade students are asked to write a short piece to share their thoughts and experiences about middle school with 6th and 7thgraders. Here is a short excerpt of Matt’s reflection.

8th Grade Reflection

One area I have shown growth in during middle school is Math. I struggled a lot in 7th grade. Though, in 8th grade, I have improved, but math is still pretty hard and fun at the same time. I learned to control my emotions using the zones because I learned how to make friends using the emotions in the green zone. The green zone keeps my heart rate the same speed. I did get better at being flexible. I really didn’t want to have a swim team party at my house because I barely knew anyone, and I had to spend the entire spring break cleaning. After the party, I realized it was okay to be flexible every once in a while.

During middle school, I learned that running is awesome, stuffs is a word, I have amazing classmates, incredible acquaintances and friends, laughing with my friends every time we watch a video or movie or show, science rules, reading is cool, going on class trips, athletics, how to bowl, and how to live life in middle school.

The hardest thing in middle school was to make friends. Even today, it is still hard for me to make friends. It is very hard for me because I need to say “hi” to them. I need practice in making friends. Just remember to use your social filter. That is why it is hard for me to make friends.

Here are some things you need to know about middle school. You need to make friends, behave, and be positive. You don’t want to be that guy who always works alone in a group, and you should try to not make social errors. If you end up making a social error, people will think very weird and strange thoughts about you, and even hurting the feelings of others. However, if you do follow directions, be kind to others, get good grades, and ask for help - people would want to be your friend. It is very important to have friends. If you don’t have a friend, you will end up being lonely…

Matt O’Malley

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I went on the website today to pull your email address and just got tears in my eyes to see this book you wrote. What an incredible BLESSING and resource to so many families like us to long to understand the hearts of our special children. I truly do not know what we would have done without your support through my daughter's early years. She is so much the person she is today because of your care of her those few years. Often, people at school will comment that she is really good at understanding her body and verbalizing it, like knowing she needs to hang from the monkey bars at recess to "reset" herself and things like that. That is completely the training she received. Though her special needs will always be a challenge for her, the equipping she got at ATA has been completely life changing for her and for us, as her family. Thank you for taking the time out your busy life of providing the care to write about it. It will be important to so many

Mother of an adopted child - January 2013